Blondes and Extensions.

This was my Saturday night..... .
Blondes and extensions .
Being an owner doesn’t mean you have to stop being behind the chair it means you need to manage you time wisely. .
Yesterday night I send out emails! I sat down and designed. I woke up at 5am and didn’t stop working until 11pm. I have goals I’ve set and I’m not a hot mess I batch as much as I can! So instead of having a wine Saturday I had a work Saturday night! But really...
Ahhhhhhh it‘s Sunday
And I get a day off today!
Yup I love and I REPEAT being productive the last couple months and quote and quote busy. That mean batch work gets real stuff done. So stop doing the same thing multiple times a week!? Deligate, stop micromanaging! Now, I get to do stuff that doesn’t require a lot of attention!
Do you have your number game going? Your weekly goal adjusted! Are you making your goal weekly? That requires you working on some fun days! .

So days like this you spend time with your family us entrepreneurs need to construct plan and map out real goals!!! .
Oh boy oh boy! I’ve been feeling myself confidence, business and just totally everything! .
So clear your head don’t zoom through insta and don’t rely on it. People get one and think hello income when I get on for fun!!!! So while everyone panicking about insta breaking. I’m calm as cucumber! What are you doing to build actual clientele what are you doing to just be yourself! Stopppppppp I repeat stoppp looking at people content to just copy! Stop posting to get instant gratification!
Be yourself! Be you! Your tribe will come!!!!!!!!!!

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