Glow Up!!

Here it goes! Signs down things barley getting started! .
I’m a write it out kinda gal!
I love creative structure. I’m a work it everyday kinda girl! .
Questions lately I’ve been asked. .
⭐️ How do I grow a clientele? Be true to yourself and be yourself
Talk to them about them not you! I mean they want to get to know you but they want you to get to know them genuinely! I can text all my clients at all hours of the day laughing or talking about life! Are you? .
⭐️How do you have momentum?
My energy comes from God! Cheesy maybe a little but he’s done so much for me! Brought the right people into my life. I want to give my family a life they could say I made them proud. I’m not talking about material things. I want them to say she was always there for me and she went after it all. She worked to really better us! We all have different goals these are some of mine. My energy comes from knowing I’m not where I need to be just yet. Ha stay tuned! With maybe class of water these days and a spoon full of peanut butter! Haha
⭐️ What do you do when people seem to be copying you?
We are creative souls... truth be said it bothered in the beginning of my career now I’m like yes please do copy me! Just ask me I rather help or be asked I’ll give you all information I have! .
Ya know people see things and they know when your overly being inspired. Keep track of that. I want you to build a brand that is your own too. Usually too I say a prayer thank God because he sends me more creative ideas. That is my gift and that can be a bit exhausting cause Ill write them down and then I’ll say it out loud to our media/creative team. Sometimes it’s a yes and sometimes it’s a no. They keep me grounded hahaha! .
These days seem longer and as you grow... remember day by day! Your journey is not of what others may think! Everyone is on they’re own journey so these answers may help you in what you need to apply to. The coolest thing is when I wrote this I was in a cafe and the girl next to me said “ I could apply this at any point in my life! People skills.” Hahah just happy she enjoyed reading this!
Remember women who build each other up, grow!

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