Mama didn't raise no fool!!..

Mama didn’t raise no fool! .
I got my cpa report card!
Let me tell you getting a business coach @lomax.lexi was a great idea! .
Getting my CPA tell me it’s all sunshine darling is beautiful! “You have a great mind!”
Not being lazy is an exceptional thing!
Now what did I do marry a numbers girl and she married a dreamer!
We work hard together when I dare to dream bigger it needs to be aligned! .
My mama get tons of CREDIT though! She made us work hard for everything! If I wanted a new blouse from @target or lip gloss from @bathandbodyworks we had to work! She even had a sit down conversation with me.... she said “Samantha you like nice things your going to have to work really hard and smart” I was 13 and took it very seriously! Thanks Mama!

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