A special invitation!

Hi ladies and gentlemen I would love to invite you to our Media class.
We are teaching on how to stay ahead of a saturated field.
I’ve created a long lasting brand I’ve been wanting to create a class like this I finally squeezed the time out to do so and so thought out. .
Back story I created a blog a brand before opening my salon and worked hard on my page, salon page and now she’s style lifestyle teaching page. And they are doing so well and individual audience.

I have not done this alone I’ve had awesome help from Jeannie and the continuing education we both do inside and outside of the city. We all want us to grow and strive for our own tribes to continue to flourish.
The class is Monday November 4th 9-11am
And is 50.00
And we are giving you swag bags with awesome things to help you. .
Xoxo 💕

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