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For all your hair, fashion & style needs, our small locally owned El Paso based business is here to serve you. When you look good, you feel goo...

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All The Places - She Styles ~Your Image~

All The Places

Places In EL Paso To Hang This Weekend      I hope you have a lovely rest of your vacation and If you want to want to the list email us..And or any...

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2023 Holiday Gift Guide - She Styles ~Your Image~

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

We always think, Timeless and fun. We cant go wrong with gifting our loved ones    The things we wished we have. Like a new curling iron, blazer, ...

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Top 5 Fall Trends in 2020 - She Styles ~Your Image~

Top 5 Fall Trends in 2020

Top 5 fall trends that we can’t get enough of. 1.) Puff Sleeve Muscle Tees If you’ve opened Pinterest or Instagram in the few months you will not...

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