About us

Urnewimage is an upscale luxury hair salon, and boutique located in El Paso, Texas. We specialize in creating transformational hair color without damaging your hair. When you walk in to our salon and boutique, you will be welcomed with beautiful fashion pieces, timeless jewlry and a bright and airy salon where you can truly be yourself.  Come into our boutique, shop and book an appointment for a truly extraordinary experience behind the chair. If you are just browsing, come shop our online store 24/7.

What do you love about your look?

Think of a time your look brought a glimpse of happiness to yourself. A time where you weren't able to stop looking at yourself. A time you received a wonderful compliment from a friend or someone reached out to you in a shopping line to ask what makeup you were using. A time when someone told you your hair color was beautiful! A time when someone asked you who did your hair.

You see, you're already perfect as you are! I'm just helping you get back to that moment. Helping you to create Ur New Image.

About Samantha Nicole

An entrepreneur and business guru, Samantha Nicole has taken the beauty industry of El Paso, Texas, by storm. She is a local business owner, influencer, brand representative and educator with over 20 thousand followers on her various social media accounts. 

A firm believer in assisting others find the best version of themselves, Samantha Nicole knows that how you look on the outside helps reflect the light within you. With ten years working in the beauty industry, Samantha has focused on using her talents and expertise to create custom looks for her clients, helping them discover their new image. Not only has Samantha taken international beauty courses and is certified in KMS and Goldwell acclaimed programs, she is also dedicated on being a successful business owner. 

Looking to bring her own unique touch to the El Paso community, Samantha launched her brand, Ur New Image in 2015. The brand’s main focus was on identifying and highlighting trends in the beauty industry and bringing them to her hometown. With the launch of the brand and the immediate positive feedback it received, the inspiration came to open a brick and mortar.

In 2017, Samantha opened her own beauty salon and studio with the same name, Ur New Image. Ur New Image is located on El Paso’s east part of town but caters to individuals all over the region. Drawing inspiration from traveling domestically and internationally, Samantha is able to bring back material and incorporate this knowledge into her business. 

Samantha continues to find new ways to further her growth and that of her business by staying up to date with all current events happening in the industry. From hosting vlogs with other local entrepreneurs and influencers, to sending out weekly newsletter, she makes sure to stay in constant contact with her supporters. On the website and newsletter one can also find not only current projects Samantha is working on but also future trends and upcoming “favorites” to keep an eye out for. 

From teacher to business owner to family woman, Samantha hopes that by pursuing her dreams and passions she can inspire others to know that they can truly do it all.

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