Are You On Lockdown Yet?


Note: Definitely not one of those people hoarding the toilet paper and I don’t think we need to be buying up stores like it’s Armageddon. Be kind, be thoughtful. We are getting what we need for the week, in case we want/need to lay low but otherwise do not panic!

  • Grabbed all our fave snacks, water, fruits/veggies to hold us over
  • Made sure we have at least one hand sanitizer & disinfectant wipes (for things like door handles, computers, phones, remotes etc.)
  • Cleaned the house & made our living space super cozy.

SET THE MOOD: Make your home a Hallmark Movie in my mind

Also trying to not make my wife overly impressed with how many conversations I can really have. Imagine her being stuck in the house with a stylist.... Good hair and many topics of conversations. While everyone is out panic stricken, we are sitting back and relaxing at home. Crisis or not, I always make sure to set the mood in the room were spending time in, by doing little things like lighting a beautiful candle and turning the fireplace on.

  • Light up a candle 
  • Fireplace on (if you have one)
  • Cozy blanket on hand 


My daily work schedule won’t change too much (let’s be honest, most of it is spent at the salon anyway), but any extra time I get, I want to spend with my family. I'll be working and coming home right after. Might as well get a few more things off my list while I’m subjected to my pick up and deliver jewelry. Here’s a list of some things I want to get done;

  • Do some online homework 
  • Shoot pictures of the jewelry I work hard in designing 
  • Try to blog a little more often 
  • Hang out in my backyard for some fresh air 
  • Bring awareness about local places in town 
  • Dance it out 
  • Might even attempt to learn how to cook (HA!) 






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