Cristina is Amazing she’s sweet and strong.
Her confidence behind her brand and it’s growth is something that must be heard! She talks about her growth! How she got started and what’s she’s doing now!
She talk being REAL and I love it! And when asking her about her social account she said that’s all me nothing is pre planned. .
You can see her around town wearing her brand and but you can see a lot of people wearing her brand! This athletic wear is amazing! I’m 100 percent behind!
All my online peeps you can order online! . .
This boss babe has a YouTube channel that you can look into her daily life and must see. You can find this boss babe @namaslay_ns@xtinaadelg_ .
We can learn so much from this boss babe her intelligence behind her brand her confidence and the way she see things through her eyes!
Thank Cristina for being on!

This episode was sponsored by @recordat411

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