Stylist! Hi!!!!
This is our Friday and so we’re ready to work!
We’re gonna talk prices!!
Have you wondered what you should be charging? .
Have you noticed a team of stylist across the country are teaming up to show your worth it! We know this! .
But yet some are still questioning
What should we be charging. .
Here are some facts.
First are re you educating yourself yearly to put in your craft. Have you considered raising prices to help you continued and education path. All our clients love when we know the newest and latest stuff and we need to learn them so you need organize and set yourself up right.
Second you have to learn you are a business and think like a retail store.
What I mean is clients are going to go to the mall and shop and if they see something they want they buy it and they don’t question the store or negotiate a price.
So why are you allowing your clients do this? .
Have set prices
So clients always know what they are paying. Before sharing this I didn’t some research. And ask clients.
Simple questions.
Do you like when your stylist have different prices each time you come in? .
A common response was it seems unorganized like they are guessing what to charge me and not reliable.
Do you like when you stylist brings new education to you? Would you pay more knowing your stylist is using new techniques on you. .
All of them said yes.
Do you look at pricing before going into any shop? .
All clients say they look at work and reviews... comments! .
You have to remember and be organized.
You pay your bills and you can’t call someone and say I need to pay my bills wanna lend me some money because I gave you a girlfriend deal! They won’t care . .
Common pricing I have them!
Across the country I travel I talk to other amazing stylist who want you to succeed too! I want you to succeed! Read till the end. .
Common trend for a
Hair cut is
Blow style is
retouch is
Highlights is
Full blonde is
Extensions is
Partial highlight is
Hand painting is
Baby lights
Smudge roots
And the difference
Between 3 scoops of bleach
And just one is
Upstyle is
And Make up is

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