Quarantine Life

What am I doing to keep sane you may ask?

I'm waking up and I put myself on a schedule
I wake up at 7am and do my morning workout, my writing and drinking my coffee by 9.

Trying things that are new to me!

Yoga and work outs in my backyard.
Vitamin D and sunshine are a plus and I enjoy the silence that come with is too.
I'm using 3 pound weights to 9 pounds. Anything to get my body moving!!!

Face mask on a regular basis!!
WHAT? That's right, I've been jelly masking every 4 days!! My skins' PH balance has been fantastic. The areas where my skin was dryer is now soft and my t-zone is not overly oily. Bye Skin issues!!!

Hair masking is literally a thing you can do apply in and work rinse off midday.
But if I'm being honest, I want all my clients to apply like my how-to video. Do it after a shower, apply it and leave it in for 20 minutes and then rinse off. If you have a little one, put a cartoon on while you pamper yourself. Drink your favorite drink even if it's fancy water and by fancy I mean iced.
What kind of mask do I use? A LOT! tI use growth, moisture, De- Frizz and Volume. I'm doing them all on different days, and we all want a little volume in a day of lounging around. I feel like Marilyn Monroe high end on a budget.

This time has put much perspective of what I love in my life and my ability
to do the things that are most important, if it's not important I'm done with it.
So whatever has come to light remember to put that in your calendar forever!! Like...
Date nights in our back yard with my wife and connecting through Netflix series!!! Hehe we can all relate!
Group messages have been key to my sanity with my cousins and aunts!! Learning how to skateboard with my thirteen-year-old. Yup family means the most. We always remember when things like these happen.
We all have the time to work on the best version of ourselves.
Keep up with me on Instagram and Facebook where I will apply hair color on my much-needed roots!

Until our next blog post
Miss you and see you soon
Samantha Nicole
Ur New Image

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