waited so long!

We waited so long for this moment.
He swore he was to big and we felt we may have lost his youth. Or our chance. .
But after Clarissa had a good talk with him and he seemed a little more opened minded.
Her convo was a little like ..Most parents take there 3-6 year old to Disney or as soon as possible.
But your mom couldn’t at the time she was a young parent. She had to work most days. It means a lot to her and us to take you. (Something like that) .
Year after year I thought this year was the year but then some other big expense needed to take place. Or something that would set us up better for the future.
But today finally came! As we were walking in there “He said I’m getting chills” as we walked out he said “It was great day and Disney was the best! The rumor is true you can never be to old for Disney. .
You can never make enough goals it doesn’t have to be work goals. It can be family goals too! For every one struggling your current situation isn’t forever. I’m living proof of that. .
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