10 Basic Hair Mistakes that May be Ruining Your Hair


We’ve all done it, at home box dye, bleach, straightened, cut, you name it we’ve DIY’ed and tried it. But, even without the constant coloring and heating and treating there are many ways that women damage their hair on a daily basis. We want to help you have the healthiest hair yet! So here are the 10 basic hair mistakes and how you can turn it around for your healthiest hair yet!

1.) Washing your hair too much // When you’re living in El Paso, TX it's hard to avoid over-washing your hair. Let’s be real, It's hot in The Sun City and they don’t call it the Sun City for no reason! Sweating in your locks makes it difficult to not want to wash off the day when you get home. Experts all say that no matter what hair type you have washing your hair on a daily basis will make it difficult to maintain healthy, shiny hair because it washes away your oils. Most hairstylists will recommend only washing your hair every other day or every third day, and only using conditioner if you feel a wash is necessary.


2.) You’re using the wrong shampoo // You don’t have to spend a lot of money on high-end products to get a great shampoo but, you may be using one with hash ingredients like sodium laurel sulfates that can strip your hair of nutrients and dry out your hair. Using a sulfate-free shampoo and finding one that fits your hair needs is like finding a good skin care regimen.  Whether you have colored hair, very oily hair, or if your hair needs volume find something that fits your hair needs. At the salon, we love using Oribe Hair Care Signature Shampoo, and our clients can't rave enough about how amazing it feels and smells.

3.) WHERE are you conditioning? // When you condition your hair you are essentially giving moisture back to the pairs of your hair that need it most. Which typically is the mid part of your hair down to the ends. Chances are, your ROOTS don’t need it. Slathering on conditioner is great but keep in mind not to leave it in too long or use it too often because it will make your scalp feel filmy and weigh down your hair. Not all conditioners are made equal, try our fan-favorite conditioner & let us know what you think!


4.) Stop Blasting your Hair Dryer on the Highest Heat //  Most of us will turn our devices to the highest settings hoping that it would get the fastest and best results. According to Women’s Health Magazine, blasting your hair with the highest heat can cause your hair to boil! Our best tip is to use a heat protection product and to adjust your hairdryer to medium heat and not to let the dryer nozzle have too much contact with your hair. Try out Oribe heat spray, we use this on every client!

5.) Flat Ironing without a protectant // Even though its easy to just grab your flatiron to pull through your hair before work in the morning, we promise doing this for years on end will leave you in regret. When you use a straightener use a heat protecting spray, or the heat can cause split ends and broken hair. Use a heat protectant and serum to protect your beautiful locks. Check out our tried and true favorite here!


6.) Make sure your hair is DRY before straightening it // Many women get out of the shower, blow-dry their hair and then straighten it. BUT, if your locks aren’t fully dry don’t even think about touching that straightening iron. Straightening wet hair can cause your hair to sizzle like a piece of bacon. Use a heat protectant spray, and try not to use the straightening iron every day.


7.) You don’t trim your hair // Long ‘mermaid’ like locks are popular in the summer but when you are trying to grow your hair getting it trimmed on a regular basis will ensure that the growth of your hair will remain healthy. Unfortunately, split ends will continue to split until they're cut, so over time, you can see your hair beginning to split and break. Our salon recommends getting a tiny trim at least every 6-8 weeks.


8.) Brushing your hair too much // Did you know that over-brushing your hair can split ends? Find yourself a good detangling brush, like a wet brush! Brushing your hair too much can also cause of frizzy, broken hair. Keep the brushing to once or twice a day.


9.) Bleach Crazy // We have all used bleach to lighten a client's hair color. Essentially it is to this day the best way to get a beautiful shade of blonde. When a stylist does it right, they will use a product that can be added to the bleach mixture to prevent breakage and over-drying. Consult your hairstylist before bleaching your hair and ask what the best method would be.


10.) Find a good stylist // Its easy to see pretty pictures on Pinterest of girls of incredible blonde hair. If you have Jet black hair, it is likely that it will take time to get to a level of blonde that you like. Consult with a trusted hairstylist that cares about your hair so they don’t over-process your hair trying to achieve that Pinterest "look" but will forever damage your hair. Be realistic in your hair goals, it will take several sessions to gradually lighten your hair and tone it to the correct shade while keeping your hair healthy. If you would like a consultation, please give our salon a call or book with us here at URNEWIMAGE.

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