5 Tips to add INSTANT VOLUME to Fine Thin Hair

We are all different, which means we all have different hair. Mastering the texture of your hair can take years to master. So today we are tackling fine thin hair. Here are our top 5 tips for adding instant volume and texture to limp fine thin hair!

1.) Get a Hair Cut! When you have thin hair it's essential to find the perfect length for your hair. Unfortunately, if you have thin hair you are pretty limited when it comes to great haircuts. The best haircuts for thin hair are typically blunt cuts, bangs, or long layers. Talk to your stylist to make sure you’re not over-layering or texturizing which can cause your hair to look thinner. Book an appointment here & consult one of our amazing stylists!

2.) Use a Volume Spray: With thin hair, the quickest and easiest way to increase lift is to use a volume spray! Find one that that is lightweight and allows for movement, you don’t want anything too heavy because it will weigh down your hair. WE LOVE Oribe’s texturizing and volume spray. These two products are fan favorites around here and they both smell absolutely incredible. When using a volume spray at home, spray the volume spray into wet hair at the root of your hair, and massage it into the back of your head. Flip your hair in the opposite direction that it grows (I typically flip my head upside down) and dry with a blow dryer. Use a round brush at the end to add extra texture and volume. Try our favorite Oribe Texturizing spray here!

3.) Switch your part: Changing your part can add instant volume to your hair. It may feel uncomfortable but it allows your hair to lift and lay in a different direction. Some of our clients do this multiple times a day. It is simple, easy, FREE, and can add body to hair.

4.) Add Loose Curls: Taking a large curling iron and wrapping sections of your hair quickly will give your hair an instant lift. Add a great hair spray and brush out the curls and the hair appears fuller than it actually is. When curling with thin fine hair, use a heat protectant spray will add texture and protect your hair from getting overheated.

5.) Add some color or highlights: If you have thin hair, adding a soft balayage or highlights will add texture to your hair and give your hair the look of dimension. Highlighting your hair causes hair to get slightly roughed up which will, in turn, add volume giving the illusion of fuller hair. Adding color to fine hair will also cause it not to be as slippery helping it hold curls better. Book an appointment with one of our stylists today and let's chat about what we can do to help you add instant lift!

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