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Ur New Image Babes

Happy Sunday


 Get ready with us with the hottest trends!


Because I can’t eat my food quick to get to work fast enough!

I love what I do! I wanted to show you these looks.



The sneaker trend is so perfect for all of our Ur New Image fashion pieces with our forever piece Babe’s Jean Jacket! Want to grab it quickly! Shop under “Going Quickly” punt intend haha.


You can see in our pictures we paired the Babe's jean jacket and sneakers (that I can send you a link for! Just email me!) 

With our dress, slacks and bodysuit! It’s divine!!! We also paired the two with a suit

It’s dressed to impress with a casual look!

In 2021 we want to look the part but still feels comfortable! It’s chic and so much fun!! These looks were inspired by NYC fast living, no way we are running in high heels! Have fun in these looks and continue to shop with us! 



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