What's New On The Site 💖 Local faves & Going Fast 🤍

Hi lovers! We have added two revamped sections to the website! They are the; Going Quickly and Locally made pages! Read on for a brief description of what kind of goodies you'll find in each. 

Going Quickly: This is where you'll find our ståple pieces that we constantly run out of again and again. But don't worry because the items in this section are what  will be restocked  regularly for you! So stay updated on this page if you're looking out for your UNI staple pieces like our leather jackets, chic everyday jeans, our classic Anna necklace, anything that screams UNI  will be coming back again and again.

Locally Made: As collaborators and supporters of many local businesses in El Paso, Texas, we love having our local best in our store and online! From Cultura Candles to Celeztial Cozmic Lashes, you'll find many local favorites not only in store but now here in this section online. 

Thanks for staying updated on al UNI happenings. We are sending you well wishes and love as always. 🤍 XOXO - UNI Team

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