This Just In, Summer Favorites!

These looks have been picked over and over by you! Coming up are our most loved items, restocked and ready for purchase once more! 

The Sunset Dress

You can go bold with this style and a pair of heels, or beach ready with strappy sandals. Dressed up or down, this was a summer item that flew out the door, so we had to bring it back for you to add a bit of sunshine in your wardrobe. 

The white Serene Set

Does this look not scream professional perfection? Can be worn with a tank underneath for a busy day at the office then out for cocktails after. The adjustable skirt allows you to raise or lower the length to achieve your desired look of the moment. The blouse can also be worn tied at the front or loosely flowing for a totally customizable set.

Santa Monica Pants

Like in it's name, these pants were designed with stretch and comfort in mind, totally wearable for a stroll along the beach or from getting from here to there around town. High waisted in a soft, oh so comfortable material, the Santa Monica Pants are a staple in all UNI babes wardrobes. And now they are back!

Stop and Stare Necklace 

This gorgeous piece of jewelry is not a new arrival, but it is a part of our new releases and we couldn't leave you with out an accessory to dress up your outfit! The most iconic way to wear this necklace is layered over your staple necklaces for a touch of added glam. Even alone though, it truly is gorgeous. 

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