The at Home Spa Day

What you will need
  • Our at home spa kit
  • Hair tie 
  • Face mask 
  • Two wash cloths
  • And of course, a glass of wine (or your favorite relaxing beverage) 
Step One: Prep
  • Get your kit together, have everything prepped and out and read 
Step Two: Clean up 
  • Cleanse your face by using your favorite wash/cleanser (ours is from glossier and something you can get from Ur New Image)
Step Three: Mask it up
  • Mix your jelly kit 
  • Once mixed properly, apply on face 
Remember, this is formulated for your face. If you need moisture, want a glow or a decrease of oil, we will help you discover what your face needs 
Step Four: Rinse
  • You will wanna use a wet cloth to slowly remove your mask 
  • After removing the access, pat dry with a towel 
You can put a wet cloth in a microwave for 15 seconds or until warm for more relaxation. Please follow your microwave strength (warm and not hot).
Step Five: Hydrate 
  • Lather up with your favorite moisturizer  
Image is our favorite face cream and you can get here at Ur New Image 
but you can find something with SPF for sun exposure but a cream that's directed for you. If you need help figuring out what you need, again let me know.
Step Six: WINE 
  • Relax, drink and have fun because it's YOU time. 
Hot TIP: Get a hair mask and apply on your hair while you're doing your face mask!!
Contact us via email, instagram or any social media if you need any help for these steps. 

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